Friday, October 24, 2014


Hat/ Pants (similar) /Shoes (old): Target; Shirt: Old Navy;  Feather Necklace: Made by me

I don't know what the correct term is for these pants.  So I'm going to call them my floral jammer pants.  Jammer, because it's a mix between pajamas (since they're so ridiculously comfortable) and hammer (because I equate them with MC Hammer pants).

If anyone knows the correct word for them, though, please feel free to correct me in the comments.

You know those outfits that are so comfortable you have to constantly look down to make sure you aren't just wearing your pajamas out of the house?  That's this outfit.  The pants are a bit too flowy for my taste, but maybe that's just because these jammers are so far outside my safety zone and what I'm used to wearing. 

In fact, I felt pretty sheepish walking around Westside with Alex the other week.  You only live once, though, and while I'm here I'm going to try all the crazy trends out there!

And comfort is my middle name.

Even though I felt insecure trying something new, I think Alex did an awesome job taking these photos.  She has as much talent behind the camera as she does in front of it. 

In other news, it's finally Friday, people!  Wade and I are heading to Lawrence to go to the annual Halloween party with my brother and sister-in-law.  Here are the pics from last year when we won first place.  I'm not sure many people will know who Wade and I are dressing up as this year, though.  It's a little obscure, but that's the way I like it. 

I'll give you a hint by showing you who we went as two years ago.  Any guesses?

The party is Saturday, so we'll be feverishly working on our costumes the next few days in between cheering on the Royals in the World Series!

What are you up to this weekend?  Any Halloween related festivities?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Another season is upon us.  I wasn't going to put together my top picks for fall, but the smell of pumpkin everything and chilly evenings has put me in the mood to replace my summer attire for some bulkier and cozier wears.

A // B // C // D // E // F // G

Black Jeans
Actually, these black jeans are what really got me wanting to put together this list.  I guess I needed a lead off to start raving about them, because no one wants to just read a post about the best black jeans ever, right?

Well now that I've started, I might as well keep the glowing review going.  I got these lookers at Old Navy on sale for less than $20.  I've been watching the black jean trend gain momentum so figured I should see what all the fuss is about.

Now to me, trying on jeans is about as bad as going to the dentist after you ate a granola bar and trying to explain to them that your teeth aren't normally that gross and those aren't cavity pits all around your mouth but just leftover chunks of oat that have gotten lodged there (lesson learned).

I can never find a pair of jeans that fits both in my waist and thighs.  Usually I fit for my thighs and then my mom has to fix the waist.

These babies fit like a glove, though, and they hit higher than most jeans.  Finally FINALLY we seem to be steering away from all these low rise jeans.  I'm not saying I want high waisted jeans, because only a lucky few can pull off those and still look cute, but at least something that doesn't show my big 'ol bloomers every time I bend over.

So I guess what I'm saying is that you should check them out:)

Minnetonka Fringe Boots
I have my 2 year old niece to thank for this new obsession.  As I was trolling the internet, I came across these and thought about how cute they would look with my skinny jeans and leggings.  They looked so familiar, though.  Then I realized I'm taking fashion advice from a 2 year old.  When you're right, you're right, though.  So really a big thank you to my sister-in-law for dressing her child trendier than myself and showing me what's in style for the new season.

I am on the hunt for the perfect sweater poncho.  I saw Megan wearing this one a few days ago and put it on my list.  I love the black and white stripes, but I'm just not sure if it will be long enough.

Oxford Shirt
I have this exact shirt and have been wearing it with everything: on its own with black jeans, underneath dresses, and layered under sweaters.  It's my go to staple right now, and I like the addition a collar makes to certain outfits.  I think it would be perfect under this dress for Thanksgiving.

Scarves + Cardigans
Throwing on a mustard cardigan over just about any outfit instantly makes me feel more fall-y.  There's just something about that color that seems to be synonymous with fall.  For the chillier days, I also like adding a scarf.  My mom makes the coziest ones, but this Aztec print scarf looks fun for those days with just a little frost in the air.

What's on your autumn wish list?  Does your daughter or niece have any style advice for me?


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Monday, October 20, 2014


Tulip, a local boutique, hosts a DIY night every month, and I was excited to teach this month's class on how to make these fun (and easy) feather necklaces. 

We had a great turnout and Robin and Jennifer from Tulip made us all feel comfortable and pampered with fall-themed goodies.  Who could turn down a pumpkin beer and delicious chocolates?

I loved seeing how everyone added their own unique spin to their necklaces.  So many beautiful color combinations! 

There's just something so inspiring about getting together with other crafty ladies to create something.  Sometimes it doesn't even matter what it is.  It's just the act of creating and taking a break from our hectic schedules to sit down and laugh a little with nice people.  I left there feeling rejuvenated and inspired.  
I'm loving that Tulip is making these types of nights possible for all us gals in Kansas City.  In addition to being a hip and beautiful store (also online for those of you not in KC), Tulip has become synonymous with being an avenue to meet new friends and share style advice and new ideas.  It's something that has been missing in Kansas City, so I'm so excited it's here.
We all know that November and December are going to be busy, so while there may be a hiatus in DIY nights for the remainder of the year, be sure to follow Tulip's Facebook page to stay up to date on cute new clothes and accessories in the store as well as their next DIY night.  Tulip is also always doing fun giveaways and Tulip Twists, so stay tuned, friends! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I met Alex the other week in Westside to capture the last glimpse of the fading light.  A while ago we realized we both have an affinity for film cameras.  Her, the Instax, and for me, the Diana +. 

While I can never get any of my Diana+ pictures to turn out, she took one of my dearest pictures of Maisy and me

So we walked around the neighborhood.  We snapped pictures with film, and I took the same picture again with my digital camera to make sure I had recorded the moment just in case the first try didn't turn out. 

I haven't developed the film yet, but I had to share these pictures.  Alex exudes such a confidence and coolness in front of the camera.  It's not tangible, it's just that feeling she pushes through every photo with her stare. 

I still feel awkward both behind and in front of the camera.  Like I don't really belong either place. 

But driving home that night, I whispered to myself that it has to be less about just proving myself for others.  It has to be an urge to take a leap, to capture the setting sun with a new friend, and trying to chase the light in every moment.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Hey all you Kansas City friends!  I'm hosting a DIY night this Thursday (October 16th) at 6:30 at the hip KC boutique, Tulip, on the Country Club Plaza.  You'll learn how to make and customize a feather neckalce like the one above, which would be the perfect fall accessory!

Just call Tulip at 816-756-5404 to reserve your spot.  Feel free to bring a friend!

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


 Wade and I were walking into Target the other day and he said something that made me laugh and then think, "yeah, that's so true."

Out of the blue, he said,

"You know, you only need a few things to make you happy.  Food, lots of sleep, and wonderment."

After 6 years of marriage, he's finally figured it out.  These are the top three things to keep me even keeled and delightful to be around.

Food and sleep are fairly straightforward, but he's realized that I also need a sense of adventure, to pursue my passions and whims, and to be amazed by the world around me.

Not too much to ask for, eh?

That word, wonderment, has been constantly floating around my head the past few weeks.  It's not something tangible.  It's a feeling, a wave of inspiration, a sense of contentment.

And it often finds me in different situations.  Sometimes it's when we spontaneously hit up an antique store on the way home from Planet Sub.  Other times it's when we simply take a walk around the neighborhood, but take a route we don't normally go.

It's so easy to get lost in the drudgery of the everyday woes.  Bills have to be paid, dinner has to be made, the nuts and bolts of what keep us going have to be done.

But above all these 'have tos' are the 'why nots'.  Why not take the long way home or stop by that pink door you always see?

Every day needs a little whimsy.

It's what makes you feel more alive and lead the life you've imagined.

What do you do to add a dose of wonderment to your day?

Friday, October 3, 2014


When my sister visits, I can be sure of two things:  we will inevitably convince my mom that we'll help her clean the kitchen but then sneak off to watch TV together, and one look from her will make me laugh so hard I cry. 

With so much in flux, it's good to know that the truly important things remain the same.  Our family has gotten bigger over the years.  At first I was scared about the dynamics of our family changing, but now I realize we were just waiting for these funny little personalities to join us and make everything even more fun.

I won't lie, though.  I was giddy that my sister and I got the chance to sneak away for a bit sans kiddos to have some sister time.  We talked a lot, perused antiques, and laughed so hard that I almost spit up my sangria.  It was one of those nights I didn't want to end.

Even though the night had to come to an end, the next day we kept the party going by making flower crowns for all the little girls (and us big girls, too). There was one little camper who wasn't too thrilled about all our hard work.

She liked it more here.

Oh, to be wild and free and run without a care in the world. 

My niece saw the pristine crayons I have in a jar set high upon a shelf and asked to color.  I love how intent kids get when drawing. 

Oops.  She didn't like the hipster glasses I got for her either.  Geez.  I just can't win with her:)

My other niece is starting her own headband trend.  I'm sure the fashion world will soon start taking notice.

We told my nephew to give the baby a kiss.  He sure did plant one right on her.  That's a movie quality kiss right there.

Argh.  Kids move so fast, my camera phone can't keep up.

Overlooking the University of Kansas' campus.

We used to walk this same route to the park when we were kids.  I still remembered to duck as I went around the corner to miss the low hanging branch that would always hit me in the face as I rode my bike as fast as I could to keep up with my brother. 

Now we have a few more travelers (and our backs may be more sore), but we'll always keep walking this same road...together.

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