Monday, March 16, 2015


The other weekend, the sun was finally shining and the rising temperature made it bearable to leave the house without my winter parka.  So my mom and I decided to head down to the vintage shops in KC's West Bottoms for their First Friday weekend extravaganza.

We hadn't been down there in a few years, and I was shocked to see how much it had grown.  Antique stores and vintage shops had popped up on every corner in a few block radius and food trucks lined the street.  It felt like a carnival.

We were browsing for a dresser for little Roo's room.  Even though we didn't find anything, it was still fun to see what was out there.  We're going to find out if the Roo is a he or a she in a few weeks, and I CANNOT WAIT!  I'm having a hard time making decisions on things and feel like I'm in a holding pattern until we find out.  Then it will be full steam ahead on making either little headbands or bow ties.  I've got a lot of ideas that I'm sure my mom's sewing skills will be able to deliver on:)

Usually some what of a speed walker, I was surprised how tired I got just walking around, though.  Since I've been so nauseous with morning sickness, I haven't kept up on the exercise front.  I've been getting outside more with the warmer temps, though, and am enjoying walks around the neighborhood.  It feels nice to be moving again.

Do you believe any of those old wive's tales that predict the gender of your baby?  I'm planning to put them to the test and see if any are accurate.  At least there's a 50% chance they're right:)


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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


(Don't worry--Mr. Maisy was not harmed in any way.  This picture is thanks to the wonders of technology.)

Yep, you read that right folks!  I'm preggo, with child, about to lay an egg....I'm pregnant.  It still feels surreal typing those words.

It's been quiet in this space for a while.  It started as a little break due to the crappy weather and general moodiness of the season, but then became necessary due to morning all day sickness and severe sleepiness.  My days have basically consisted of dragging myself out of bed, going to work, forcing myself to eat something, attempting not to throw up, and then watching TV until I fall asleep.  The weekends are reserved for sleeping a ridiculously long time.  I'm not out of the woods with the nausea yet, but I do feel like my energy is slowly starting to come back.

I've been thinking about this post for a while.  Is my time with blogging complete?  How much do I share?  How do you write posts and not talk about the elephant in the room?

I flip flopped a bit before settling on this thought.  If I'm being completely honest, part of the reason I started this blog was with the vain hope that it would be huge, I could quit my day job, and live the ultimate blogger dream.

Let's get real here.  That's not going to happen, and that's ok.  This space has become an irreplaceable view into my life's both simple and remarkable moments that I want to remember.  There's something about seeing the pictures and reading the words that I felt were worth capturing at a specific time in my life that I may otherwise have let slip from memory.

In the past, I haven't posted certain events or small happenings, because I didn't think they were "blog worthy".  I think back to the blogging conferences I've gone to and zero in on how they said to "brand" myself.  What do I want my "brand" to be?  All colorful photos with white backgrounds, perfectly stylized so that people are able to pick my picture out of a line up?

That sounds amazing, doesn't it?  Being instantly recognized by a photo because it's so "you"?  As I was slipping into bed the other night, I thought to myself, "Well, I am my brand."  Me.  Just as I am.  I'm tired of trying to fit my pictures and words into a specific branding box, because that's how I want people to view me.  I just need to be me.

Blogging has changed so much in just the past two years I've been writing in this space.  I feel now that bloggers feel compelled to apologize for taking writing breaks, for changing the focus of their blogs, for a lot of things that we shouldn't be thinking twice about.

I'm still me, but I'm evolving and my life is changing.  And I want this space to capture all of it.  This is a blog about my life, and I don't need it to fit a certain mold.  My mission statement is simple--"Write about the moments that move me and take pictures of everything."  

In addition to this being a recorder of memories, I also love this space for the ability to connect to people.  Building relationships has been the best surprise to come from this blog.  It makes me feel less alone in this big world.

It feels good to write my thoughts out again, however disjointed they are.  Wade and I are over the moon excited for this little bundle of joy.  Still a bit paralyzed with fear of the unknown, of course, but super pumped.  This is going to be a huge change that will rock our world, but in the best way possible.

We saw our little Roo via an ultrasound the other day, and I still can't believe there is a baby in there that will soon call me "mom".  There is so much magic in the world that I can't wait to show him/her and get to experience it all again through his/her eyes.  It is truly a miracle how life comes to be.  All the struggle, all the perseverance that is needed just to make it into this world.  I am beyond thankful.

Whew!  That feels good to be able to let the cat out of the bag, or rather the bun out of the oven:)

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you're having a great day!  Is there an end in sight to the cold weather where you are?  It was in the 60s this weekend, and I breathed in the warm air and let out a big sigh of relief.  Time to break out the shorts and flip flops!  I'm ready for spring.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Oh, how I wish this arrow pointed to a beach right outside my door.

Still somewhat alive and barely kicking after almost a year.  Pretty good for me.

I always have this naive idea that after the fun festivities and coziness of the holidays are over, it will magically be spring outside and time to break out the flip flops and let in the warm breezes.  While I may try to delude myself into thinking that with my paradise sign and cacti in the window, alas, the outside world looks more like this....

Ugh, I know.  It is nice to bundle up and have an excuse to stay in and watch TV, but I'm ready for sunnier days and not having to put on my giant parka every time I step outside.

It's kind of an in between time of year.  You just had a blast celebrating, but now you have to wait to go outside again.

To me, it's the most uninspiring time of year.  While some may argue they are re-energized for the year ahead, I find myself hibernating and waiting to be invigorated by the next season.

This is the only room in the house where we get a ton of sun.  And it looks like it belongs in Key West, so I spend a lot of my time in here.

Oh, and this is also where Mr. Maisy does his thing.  Eating loads of hay and such.

I've been crafting a little here and there and attempting to play the ukulele.  I do have spurts where I clean out cabinets and purge my closet, too.  I'm going to do more of that.  I need to.  In terms of blogging, though I haven't felt much in the inspiration department.  It's hard to take pictures when your canvas is all brown.

Even writing this post, I'm not sure I'm conveying what I want to say in a coherent manner.  I felt this way last year, though, and it passed.  I just need to feel comfortable with the fact that this is my hibernation time.

And that's ok.  It's better to let inspiration find you than to forcibly knock down it's door.  I'm just going to enjoy this season for what it is, because I'm really looking forward to the next season and half of the fun is the anticipation, right?

The best thing is that we're experiencing a bit of a warming trend this weekend with temps in the 50s!  I'm excited for that and for a 3 day weekend.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and remember that tulips and warm breezes are right around the corner.  Well, not right around the corner, but you can at least see them a few blocks down:)

Monday, January 12, 2015


So I bought these sweater leggings at Target a few months back.  Ah, who am I kidding?  I bought them in every color available.  Scratch that.  I didn't buy one of the color options.  That's what's called will power, people.

I've really been loving the idea of pattern/color on my pants instead of my tops.  It's like a mullet for your clothes.  Business on top, party on the bottom.

I feel like the majority of my tops are solids, so I was getting bored with my outfit choices.  Adding these leggings has breathed new life into my closet.  (Plus, I'll take any excuse to wear pants with an elastic waistband.)

Since I've been having fun mixing and matching, I thought I'd share today how versatile one pair of leggings can be, even if they're in a bold print.  These days, you can usually find me in one of these three outfits.

Bohemian Vibe:
Peach Boyfriend Cardigan: Old Navy (old) // Chambray Tunic: J Crew Factory // Buddy Bling Necklaces: My Shop // Kissing Fish Bracelet: Target (old) // Hat: Target // Leggings: Target (similar) // Booties: Minnetonka

First up, we've got a look that's a little more bohemian.  I bought these booties after I rounded up my stock of leggings.  I wanted something easy that I could slip on and were comfortable.  These are great, but you may need to add a gel insert (or two) since there isn't much support.

Hoodie: Old Navy (similar)  // Headband: This Etsy shop (similar) // Leggings: Target (similar) // Shoes: Converse

I really love the peach running through these leggings, so that's the color I tend to pick up to match in my tops.  I found this hoodie at Old Navy a few months ago and love how it switches up the feel of the leggings.  Now it looks like I'm super athletic running around store to store.

Casually Chic
Cardigan: Target (similar) // Shirt: Target (old) // Leggings: Target // Long Necklace: American Eagle (old) // Rhinestone Necklace: J. Crew Factory // Boots: Off Broadway (old)

Oh, if only I could braid my hair!  That would have really made this outfit pop even more.  A nice side braid or some sort of braided bangs.  Believe me, I've watched all the YouTube videos and pinned all the tricks on Pinterest.  It's such an easy concept.  But alas, my fingers just aren't able to perform any braided beauty.  To be fair, I only give myself one chance, because then my arms get tired and I lose all interest.

Anyways, I like this outfit with its mix of pattern and bright pop of color.  Perfect to make you feel happy despite the frigid temperatures.

How do you like to mix and match items in your wardrobe to keep things fresh?

Anyone else feel like just wearing sweatpants all day since it's so cold out?

Monday, January 5, 2015


The past few weeks have been a nice reprieve from normal life.  No set schedules, hanging out with family and friends, and making sure I didn't miss any of the Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies.

Against his will, we dressed Mr. Maisy up in a Santa suit on Christmas Eve.  He's none too pleased in this photo, but I think he looks quite dapper.

A few weeks before Christmas, we went to see a local band, Holmes Street, at Coda.  They were awesome.  I loved their mix of current songs and oldies that made up the perfect dance mix.  They play at Coda the 3rd Friday of every month, so if you're in the Kansas City area, be sure to check them out.

Since we needed a breather after dancing the night away the night before, we went to see St. Vincent at a local theater that still has all its charming retro decor.  In fact, my parents used to go to this theater on dates when they were in high school.  It may have been the smell of the popcorn there that gave Wade the idea that we need a popcorn machine in our home.  We're planning on opening up the carnival this summer:)

Christmas day was really relaxing this year.  We had a leisurely breakfast, opened up presents for a while, and then ate some more.  Even Mr. Maisy got in on the action.

Wade got a very special pin.  Anyone remember where this pin is from?  It's the highest owner I could bestow.

My mom used the glasses and napkins she received as wedding presents.  I love these all black goblets.  They make things feel even fancier.

No Christmas is complete without making cookies.  You can kind of tell that one looks like the face of a bunny.  Kind of.

After Christmas, we went to Iowa to visit Wade's brothers.  We got some bowling in, although I was not nearly as good as the last time we went, and had a great time catching up.
Wade celebrated his birthday there and was a-ok with turning another year older.

And this pretty girl is just the sweetest ever and makes even chilly days so much fun.

It seems so strange to me that the year is 2015.  It seems like some sort of futuristic time when we should have hover cars and hotels on Mars.  Maybe I said the same thing last year, though.  

2014 was a good year, but I'm really looking forward to 2015.  I've been thinking about resolutions, but don't have any real concrete ideas.  I just want to have patience, be kind, and do the things that fill my soul with love and whimsy.  Well, those sound a lot like resolutions, so I'll just say that those are mine.

Hope you had a wonderful end to 2014 and are having a great start to the new year!!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I found this little Santa Clause at my neighbor's estate sale last summer.  Among a sea of knick knacks, I had to take this little guy home with me.  It made me feel better knowing that in some small way their Christmas memories are living on.
I made this paper chain last year (see here).  My brother and I used to make a paper chain every year for Christmas and string it all over my parent's house.  I want to continue the tradition.
Wade bought me this carousel for my birthday a few years ago.  It reminds me of the one in NYC when I visited my sister and always makes me smile.

There is always such a rush to put up the Christmas decorations.  Bringing out the tree, the lights, and special ornaments are what tell us that this magical season is upon us again. 

It always goes by too fast.  That's why we end up leaving the decorations up wayyyyy past the socially acceptable date.  In my mind, there's no rush to take things down and box up the magic for another year.

So I wanted to share these pictures before it's too late and everyone has moved on to the next thing.  Once again, the pictures don't seem to represent how lovely it is in person, but at least it's a way to jog my memory for years to come.

Tonight we'll have my parents over for Christmas Eve dinner, like grown-ups (even though we're making my mom bring over the main course--it's better to not even try to compete).  Then we'll head over to my parent's house after church to spend the night and wake up in the morning like a couple of kids.  I love the tradition of spending the night at my parent's house on Christmas Eve.  Some things are too good to outgrow. 

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you, and I hope your days are filled with love and magic:)